Saidi Chesoli

Secondary Case Manager

Saidi joined NRCF in 2018. He has shown a great interest in helping program children achieve their dreams.

Saidi was born and raised in Trans-Nzoia County. He attended Ricatti Institute of Business Studies, Nairobi where he pursued a Diploma in Social Work and Community Development.

Saidi worked as an intern at USAID, Kitale Offices, and at Light and Power Center at Challenge Farm Children’s Home where he served as a social worker. He was later employed at Chosen Children of Promise as a social worker where he worked with families affected by HIV/AIDs.

Saidi joined the organization in July 2018 as a volunteer caseworker and showed a great interest in working with children in the program to help them achieve their dreams. Six months later he became a full-time caseworker working in the post-secondary department.