Norah Keya

Primary Senior Case Manager

Norah Keya believes that working for NRCF is truly a blessing as she is witnessing many lives change for the better.

Norah Keya is having a remarkable journey with the organization NRCF. Raised in Nakuru County, she developed a strong passion for community development, which led her to pursue that field. Norah joined NRCF in 2011 as an intern and gradually worked her way up to become a caseworker in the secondary department.

Throughout her tenure at NRCF, She has held various roles, including volunteer case managing and librarian. However, her recent position as a case manager in the primary department has allowed her to truly make a difference in the lives of students and their families. She values the opportunity to establish meaningful relationships with them, particularly during challenging times.

Norah’s work involves closely engaging with individuals and families, understanding their needs, and assisting them in finding viable solutions. She finds immense satisfaction in witnessing the positive transformations in the lives of those she helps. Norah considers her association with NRCF a genuine blessing due to the numerous lives she has witnessed changing for the better.

Her experiences and interactions have undoubtedly shaped her perspective on the importance of community development. Through her work at NRCF, she strives to bring about positive change and contribute to the well-being of the people she serves.